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If we compare what was worn during the historic time and what is being worn today you will notice the difference is in the garments.  People in the medieval Europe for example, on a daily basis, had worn a lot of garments.
This is not so in today’s dressing. The dressing in the medieval age was much more sophisticated and complicated than just putting on a skirt and a shirt. Just to wear a dress meant the need for layers of undergarments.
This included tight corsets.The medieval times had a very high domination by the people of the upper class. During that era, the only people allowed to dress well were kings, queens and those of noble and royal blood. You can portray a medieval outfit or royal outfit for your next costume party, re-enactment or Halloween get together.
Provides the impeccable medieval leisure in different styles.Anyone who wishes to mirror the middle age in their Halloween costume does not necessarily have to break the bank to acquire expensive materials. In this dominant clothing era, these materials can be replicated in a very cheap way.



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By Earl C. Wingate on December 14, 2016

At the 18th century Gregory III, the then pope selected the 1st of November as the day all saints and martyrs should be honoured.
This feast of all saints then integrated some of the traditions of Samhain.
The Halloween, previously All Hallows’ Eve was the eve of the All Saints Day.
As time passed, Halloween evolved.
It became a more secular and society based activity
Appearing in costumes and guises was predominant in Scotland and Ireland at Halloween by the late 19th century and then later became popular in the US in the early 20th century.
It then started becoming mass-produced in stores around the 1930’s as it increasingly became popular especially the trick or treat.
Usually, children dress up in their select fancy costume and go around visiting the homes in their neighbourhood.
For every home, they demand some gifts, snacks or sweets and threaten to harm the inhabitants if they do not get it.
This is what playing trick or treat is about.

It happens in a friendly spirit.